Lima Security Lab ‘Tips’ Startup Team selected.

The LIMA Security Lab was finally selected as the’TIPS·Tech Incubator Program for Startup’, a technology start-up support program by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. LIMA Security Lab’s leaker tracking technology automatically inserts user information into leaked data through screen capture or shooting to identify the identity of illegal leakers and protect key knowledge information such as confidential company documents.

Through this TIPS program, the head office is planning to develop a security-enhanced monitor that incorporates this core technology and provide this solution to banks, Labs, and governments. In particular, this technology is a useful security technology for real-time video conferencing/lectures that have rapidly increased due to the recent coronavirus, and can prepare for video leakage accidents that may occur in untouch situations. It can be used even in an open Internet environment, does not require a separate program installation, and has the advantage of being light with little load on the server.

An official from the Ministry of SMEs said, “In the post-corona era, the leading role of innovative startups and venture companies is that the government will actively support them so that they can preoccupy the global market and become a global company.” We provide up to KRW 100 million to KRW 200 million in angel investment, up to KRW 500 million in government R&D support, and up to KRW 100 million in start-up commercialization and overseas marketing expenses, respectively. The LIMA Security Lab plans to accelerate initial business setting and technology development with the support of this TIPS, and lay a foothold for global advancement. We will make more efforts to create a healthy knowledge information market by preventing illegal leakage of digital contents and knowledge information. LIMA Security Lab, a company that protects the ecosystem of digital contents.